Shaina D. - Long Beach, CA

Marketing Exec/ Entreprenuer
Johnny’s workshop reinforced my favorite thing to do— offset costs! Not only did he emphasize how important it was, he showed us how to do it! Johnny helped shift my mindset and I’ve been more proactive and have seen bigger and more aggressive results. He’s realistic, engaging, and not full of BS!

Jordan M. - Houston, TX

Recent College Grad
Just finished up my session with Johnny, a great guy. He really helped me out a lot in planning for the future and providing me with helpful knowledge.

Jesse P. - Los Angeles, CA

Graphic Designer
Did a 1 on 1 session with Johnny. Worth it! He breaks it down in a way that makes sense and now I feel more condifent in investing. Highly Recommended!

Joseph M. - San Diego, CA

These workshops are life-changing and gave me new perspectives on how to invest my money that was previously just sitting in my bank account. Wish I wouldn't taken it 10 years ago!

Melvin S. - Los Angeles, CA

Government affairs professional
Johnny's Investing Workshop was perfect for an individual like myself; I've done research on the stock market, but was hesitant to take the leap fearing that I didn't know enough. The workshop was direct, simple to understand, owing to Johnny's knowledge on the subject and his eagerness to teach. I would recommend the workshop to anyone who has ever flirted with the idea of investing. It was the necessary push I needed to finally put my money where my mind was. Thanks Johnny!

Jaden B. - Honolulu, HI

MBA Candidate
The session was he best thing I could have done for my future in investing. It was more than knowledge; I was given the tools to begin investing wisely.

Alberti P. - Orange, CA

Regional Account Manager
Before taking this workshop, I had no idea how the stock market worked and how it would be beneficial for me. I always thought it was just for Wall Street, not the regular person like myself. I now have 90% of my savings into safe stocks and gaining more than my bank offered, which was 3.25%. Everyone should at least hear him out, and you'll see how much you'll learn.

Kim N. - Los Angeles, CA

Administrative Assistant
My husband and I just had our first baby and we were so worried and unsire about our financial future, but after taking the workshop, it gave us much needed knowledge and confidence to invest and save for our future goals. We're not trying to get rich quick, but grow our savings in a smarter and more efficient way.

Hannah K. - La Habra, CA

Artist/ Designer
Johnny's workshop has already change the way we see our finances and our plans for the future! I feel really lucky that we got to take the workshop together so that my husband and I are on the same page. 10/10 would recommend!

Oscar L., MCPP - Whittier, CA

Procurement Manager
Johnny's Beginner's Workshop provides an excellent starting point for beginner investors. His workshop enabled me to think differently about my finances and how to make the market work for me. I highly recommend his workshop to anyone looking to grow their residual income!

Ronald A. - Houston, TX

Full-time Student
Great information and have learned a lot in our 2 hour conference call. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to learn!

Hollis W. - Los Angeles, CA

Investing intimidates the hell out of me and Johnny's workshop made the idea of investing seem approachable and inuitive. My mom is deeply impress that I know what ETF and REITs are now!

Debbie K. - Fullerton, CA

Sales Coordinator
Through Johnny’s workshop series, I was able to organize and strategize my future goals in where I wanted to stand financially. He also provided more than 10 sources that can help you become a smart investor and have control of your finances in a simple and efficient way. Definitely recommend to attend his workshops, he welcomes beginners/newcomers in a judge-free environment!

Van C. - San Diego, CA

Community Relationships Manager
Johnny was amazing! He made the process very easy to understand and comprehend. Any questions or concerns I had he answered them thoroughly and thoughtfully. Till this day he allows me to bounce off questions and concerns regarding options!

Aldo C. - Santa Ana

Guest Service Manager
If you're scared to make the first move, this workshop helps to relieve any fears that stop you from starting. It's a fun and interactive workshop. I look forward to my journey and learning more!

Alex R. - Alhambra, CA

Police Officer
I signed up for the workshop on a recomendation. At first, I was sketched out, but I'm glad I signed up! I liked the workshop so much that I signed up for the 1 on 1. Johnny's approach is straight to the point, no BS! None of that basic crap and then later hit you with the "For this amount, I reveal this and that secret, but, wait there is more!" There is no time wasting with Johnny's workshop because we all know time is money. Johnny will literally show you how to make money just sitting on your behind while you're watching your Netflix show, but you also have to put in your part to make money. Thank you Johnny can't wait for the next workshop

James A. - Canyon Lake, TX

Full-time Student
I came into the session with little to no idea on how to start investing. Mr. Lee didn't just give me tremendous knowledge on how to begin and become a successful investor, he gave me life advice that I will keep in mind for the rest of my life!

Stef V. - Los Angeles, CA

Freelance Writer
My 1 on 1 session with Johnny was eye opening, informative, and so empowering. I learned so much about investing in just a couple hours with him. There was no judgement, no pushy aggressive sales pitch or anything - just really good knowledge on how you can meet your investment goals and create wealth with what you have. Came into the meeting with so many questions/worries and left feeling super confident. Schedule a session with Johnny ASAP! You won't regret it.