Here's a little bit about me...

Howdy! My name is Johnny and I'm a huge fan of investing! In the past few years I've found a deep passion and love for sharing my experiences in investing and small business. I’ve successfully dabbled in real estate, wall street, various small businesses, cryptocurrency, and startups. By no means am I an expert. I’m always seeking to learn more so I can bring new experiences to my life and find ways to bring that to everyone I meet.

I have decades of industry experience in technology, TV & film, non profits, marketing and food & beverage. As a small business mentor, I've been able to add value to dozens of businesses and as an investment coach, I'm putting all my energy into adding value to the lives of everyday people who are looking to create long term, low risk passive income.

Why Investment Workshops?
I've been investing and diversifying for many years but it never really dawned on me to teach anyone beyond friends or family. It really started  when friends of mine got scammed from one of those "millionaire secret" guru books/courses. They were tired of working so hard and not making enough for some of their future goals like a down payment on a home. Their vulnerability took them to a place where things sound good. What harm is it to go to a Free seminar?!

Well unfortunately most learn the hard way. You get their, you get motivated, you end up purchasing something they peddle to you and at some point you realize the course or book you just bought is inundated with so much information, you begin to feel overwhelmed and into paralysis of sorts. You end up completely wasting your money.

I designed my workshops to address this growing problem. Everyone wants to make more money and sometimes that leads to labor intensive "side hustles" or a drop shipping business where they end up just losing money. Or you have a savings account and you've heard you can invest and make way more but you have no idea where to start. My workshop will DEFINITIVELY be the beginning for you.

I'm not here to give you hollow motivational quotes, promise you will be a real estate mogul or sell you books and money draining courses. Our workshops are about 2 hours and they don't contain massive amounts of terminology. I've taken out all the unnecessary stuff that you will naturally learn later on your own, and instead filled my workshops with only the essentials to get started on your investment journey. So whether you've dabbled into the stock market without a strategy or you don't even know what stock actually is, this is the workshop for you.

There's a ton of information in this world, but very little knowledge. Come get this knowledge and get started on your future on your terms! See you soon!