$ 50
If you're a true self-starter and learn better with self teaching, then our Basics 101 Investing Guide is the most simplest way to start learning. It's also the most affordable! It is by no means a comprehensive guide to investing as that would probably only confuse you. This is a simple breakdown of the basics that you'll need to START building your long term, diversified portfolio. Begin reading through the guide and take notes. Read it several times. Then begin to plan your investing journey! We recommend heavy research and planning for the best chance at a successful portfolio. Happy investing! The link below will redirect you to purchase via Paypal. After payment you’ll be automatically redirected to your Access Code page!


$ 150
Grab a seat at one of our local workshops here in Los Angeles, CA! Our small workshops are geared specifically towards beginners who have either never invested before or who are just getting started. Come and learn how to get started with a more strategic approach for long term, low risk investments as well as various opportunities and starting points. We will cover topics such as stock market investing, various types of funds, real estate, long term profit models, beginner's portfolio mix, live examples, earnings calls, seasonal strategy, etc. Bring your personal finance questions and let's kick off your new journey strong! Purchase your ticket below! All ages are welcome on a first come first served basis.


$ 700
One on One sessions are the ultimate learning experience. Our session is completely focused on YOU and your current and future financial goals! This is your chance to have step by step instruction on how to start investing, what tools to use, a personalized growth roadmap and general mentorship on all things investing. If you're serious about starting your investment journey, this is the best way to launch it. Learn everything in our workshops and then let's build a strong and specific path for your future. 2-3 hours that will change the way you see your personal finances! If you're ready to go, please start by filling out our pre-survey and we will contact you as soon as possible. Sessions are subject to availability.


$ 400
Day trading is an amazing way to make quick capital gains in the market however without basics, it is a quick way to lose money. If you do not have time to play with charts and signals, consider our 1 hour "Lazy Day Trading" session where we go over simple methods and opportunities that do not require hours of research. It is highly recommended that you have experience investing into the stock market before considering this session. Day trading is not for everyone. It holds a high level of risk. The methods covered in this session are not guaranteed to be profitable as no one can fully predict or control market behavior. Day trading activity should always be approached with precaution.


$ 79
Due to demand, we are now offering our Lazy Day Trading session as a live webinar! This live 1-hour webinar will give you the opportunity to learn 3 simple day/swing trading methods for those extra monthly gains. No charting or graphs necessary. It’s called Lazy Day Trading for a reason. Get your ticket, grab a notepad and get ready to rock!

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Major Rule: Any and all trading and/or investing strategies are used at your own risk. Don’t enter any investment without fully understanding the worst-case scenarios of that investment. Happy Investing!