What’s up and welcome to the final part in our passive income with crypto series! We’ve got another awesome method for you, and yes it’s incredibly easy!

Enter Voyager!

Voyager is an awesome commission free crypto exchange! It’s a platform where you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies. And it’s app based so you can do everything from the palm of your hand. I personally like Voyager’s very simple interface, it kind of reminds me of a purple version of Robinhood.


Once you download the Voyager App, you’re going to want to register and again, it’s like signing up for any other financial account, you’ll need your ID and so forth for verification. Once you’re done with all that, you are ready to fund your account and start using the app!

Have you funded your account? Great you’re ready and passed the hard part…which was pretty easy, wasn’t it? Now beyond buying and selling crypto, Voyager offers an amazing interest program. By holding a minimum amount in a variety of crypto, Voyager offers interest!

The above chart shows the current rates as of November 2020. You can simply find these rates by swiping over on the main page once you open your app! As you can see, there are some seriously awesome interest opportunities. And the best part, once you hold the minimum, not only fo you start earning, but there’s nothing more you need to do!

Now I personally love crypto but I know it can feel intimidating engaging with it because it really is a whole new concept. It can get confusing very fast. That’s why I love Voyager App. No trading and no confusing crypto stuff. Just buy, hold, and earn! Too easy right?!

I hope you enjoyed our 3 part series on how to make passive income with 3 easy methods utilizing the power of cryptocurrency! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. Until then, happy earning!

NOTE: Keep in mind, like any investment out there, there are always risks involved and nothing is guaranteed. That’s why it’s always crucial to do your research, and make an informed decision. It’s your money, protect it!