Welcome to the Consulting 102 pre-survey!

Why would we be excited that you're filling out a survey? Simply because this is an opportunity for YOU to seriously think about where you stand with your business or ideas or next big move. This is an opportunity for you to refine, strategize, plan and build a step by step plan to tackle your next thing whether it is refining something you're currently working on, or pivoting into something completely new. Whatever it is, I am looking forward to working with you to take you to the next steps!



My age group:
18-24 years25-34 years35-44 years45-54 years55-64 years65-74 years old.

I fully understand a Consulting 102 session is purely an opportunity to learn, strategize, and brainstorm based on consultant's limited experience. Results will vary greatly.Consultant makes no representation that his services will result in any enhancement of the individual, business, or idea. Consultant will not be liable to clients in relation to consulting. Nothing on this website or session constitutes, or is meant to constitute, advise of any kind.